Création of Kalivitis : By 2 associates, Karine and Lionel. First objective : the sales of the family products by our trading.

Opening to the export market.

Transformation from domestic distribution to 100 % export.

Diversification of the production : bulk, Keykeg, screw cap, personalized labels.




Extension of the range to wine from all properties (France & abroad).

Opening for extended export markets : USA/China.

Production of personalized wines for Asian markets.

Karine and Lionel Latorse, former winegrowers of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru or Saint-Emilion great wines, decide in 2004 to create Kalivitis, a commercial company in order to distribute all Latorse family-made wines, as well as a rigorous selection.


The career of these two vine & wine lovers is connected to Michel ROLLAND, the leader of modern winemakers.


Karine and Lionel Latorse, the founders of Kalivits, have acquire the taste and the demand of work well done during their winegrowers profession.


Their experience as producers has led them to elaborate very qualitative wines wich remain really affordable.


Karine and Lionel highlight their passion for wine but also their real interest in people who resemble them.


They share this fundamental desire to offer good wines, from good grapes.


Their philosophy therefore rests more on the presentation of the winegrowers, men and women who are serious, passionate and motivated, but who do not have the same visibility to export (main market of Kalivitis) as in the national market.

The goal for Kalivitis (anagram of KA-rine, LI-onel and VITIS) is to bring accessible wines and properties with remarkable qualities to their loyal or future clientele.

For this, they organize launch and promotion days in many countries, or discovery stays at the heart of their partners' vineyards.

"Our passion : our partners, their wines !"