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Kalivitis has the necessary means to produce personalized wines for each customer.

On a defined minimum volume, you can choose from our catalog :


  • Type of bottle

  • Capsule color

  • Type of printed cap with its logo

  • Type of boxes : 6 or 12 bottles, standing or lying

  • The design of its label

  • The back label in the language of your choice

  • And above all type of wine : red, white, rosé and its category : wine of the European Community, wine of France, PGI, AOC.

This allows you to hold an exclusive product with very good price-quality ratio.

The quality of the wines is certified by our professional experience (winegrowers for 20 years) and a very selective wine tasting.


The Keykeg system is the answer to the growing demand for wine by glass. The operators of the bars and restaurants as well as the customers wish to have a certain choice with the KeyKeg. You have the possibility to offer a wider variety of wines in the KeyKeg, without loss of quality or loss at the level of the shelf life.

As a winegrower, beverage distributor or restaurant operator, you are not only creating new sales opportunities, but you are making huge savings in terms of transportation and storage.

A KeyKeg of 30 litres replaces 40 bottles of wine. The spaces needed for empty barrels and the laborious and costly cleaning of steel drums are definitely in the past. You can choose from Kalivitis, white, red, rosé wines that can be stored for more than 3 months once the KeyKeg is open.


Since 2017, we can offer our customers of certain countries equipped with bottling structure for bulk wines of French origin (French table wines, PGI, AOC) selected by our care in order to deliver them in the best sanitary conditions.

The wines come from our storage, and are previously adapted for the conservation of a long journey in distance and days, then filled by our care in Flexitanks specially intended for containers of 20 feet.

We control and guarantee all the operations, as well as the quality and the freshness of the wine upon arrival in the port of destination.

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